rsash IT Solutions Ltd


Repair Services


 We are happy to repair or upgrade all makes of computer equipment where possible and financially practical, and we will always inform the client if we feel that a repair or upgrade is not financially practical.


To list all of our repair services would take too long, however our services include,    


  • Personal Computers,

  • Laptops,

  • Desktops,

  • Tablets,

  • Apple Mac’s,  iphones, ipads

  • Servers.

  • Installation of new hardware, (RAM, Hard drives, Web cameras, printers, Scanners)    




   • Virus and Malware removal

   • Installation of operating systems

   • Installations of applications (MS office, anti virus, anti malware, etc)

   • System clean up / service

   • Data recovery (where possible)

   • System Backups and restore


 We also Install, configure and repair

   •   Local Area Networks (weird and wireless)

   •   Routers

   •   Bridges, Hubs and switches


In some cases we can even repair XBox 360, and  PS3

(Although in most cases it is cheaper to go directly to the game consol’s  manufacture)  

Primary Service area

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